Water Waste Site Works Complete

Following our post of 4th January, where we explained that over the Christmas period of 2020, we were called by a customer of ours regarding a water waste site which was failing by around 60%, on Monday morning, we were then asked to make the temporary solution a semi-permeant fixture as soon as possible.

Therefore, this week the D & B Electrical team have been working on disconnecting the generator supplies installed over Christmas and have now run approximately 1km of cable around the site, through ducts in the ground, in order to supply the various temporary filtration pumps. To enable us to do this, we have also had to install a new distribution board and sub feeds for the temporary supply in a kiosk.

Now the electrical works carried out by D & B Electrical are completed, we have provided the site with a semi-permanent fixture, which is likely to stay on site whilst it is refurbished over the next couple of years.

As we wrapped up on site this morning, a crane was in attendance adding additional filters to the site.

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