Electrical Testing

What is an EICR?
Electrical Inspection Condition Report is an inspection/report that highlights how safe a property's fixed wiring is.

Domestic Customers
A domestic property, that you own, is advised to be tested every 10 years or when there is a change of occupancy.

Commercial and Industrial Customers
Business or Commercial Properties:
You should have the electrical installation at your business premises tested in line with current guidance which is every 5 years, minimum. Some buildings will require testing more frequently.

If you own a rental property:
A full EICR should be carried out every 5 years or during a change of occupancy/tenant.

Once an electrical test is completed by our electricians, a certificate will be produced and issued. Unfortunately, these certificates are not always Satisfactory.

The certificate is produced based using C1, C2 and C3 coding to highlight any problems or potential dangers:

  • C 1 - there is a danger present that represents a risk of injury (immediate action is required)
  • C 2 - there is a potential danger present (urgent action is required)
  • C3 - improvement is recommended
Also Known As
An inspection of an electrical installation may be referred to as any of the following:
Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR)
Periodic Inspection Report
Electrical Installation Test